Welcome to Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University homepage. We are conducting theoretical and observational researches of extra-solar planets, stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and cosmology. Observational researches are conducted using cutting-edge open use facilities such as Subaru telescope. We are also developping unique instruments for large telescopes, to reveal formation and evolution of galaxies.

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All the lectures in this semester will be held via internet.

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Conducting Your Ph.D. Research in Our Institute

If you are interested in conducting your Ph.D. research (2 years of master cource plus 3 years of doctor cource or 3 years of doctor cource), you can apply for the International Graduate Program for Advanced Science (IGPAS) program. If you are interested in applying for IGPAS, please check our staff list and contact one of the staff members.

If you belong to one of overseas partner universities of Tohoku university, you can apply for one of advanced short-term exchange programs. Details of the programs, please check this page.




GP-PU QE1 (Qualifying Examination 1) for September Graduates is held online on Aug 6, 2021. (Poster)

Press release


"Discovery of a dying supermassive black hole via a 3000-year-long light echo" Research results by Kohei Ichikawa are released here.



Job vacancy announcement
Associate Professor, Astronomical Institute, Tohoku Univ. (Application deadline: 2021 July 30).