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Lead-auther papers

  1. "Transition Probabilities of Near-infrared Ce III Lines from Stellar Spectra: Applications to Kilonovae"
    Domoto, N., Lee, J.-J., Tanaka, M., Lee, H.-G., Aoki, W., Ishigaki, M. N., Wanajo, S., Kato, D., Hotokezaka, K.
    2023, The Astrophysical Journal, 956, 113 (11pp) ADS

  2. "Lanthanide Features in Near-infrared Spectra of Kilonovae"
    Domoto, N., Tanaka, M., Kato, D., Kawaguchi, K., Hotokezaka, K., Wanajo, S.
    2022, The Astrophysical Journal, 939, 8 (18pp) ADS

  3. "Signatures of r-process Elements in Kilonova Spectra"
    Domoto, N., Tanaka, M., Wanajo, S., Kawaguchi, K.
    2021, The Astrophysical Journal, 913, 26 (12pp) ADS

Co-auther papers

  1. "Three dimensional end-to-end simulation for kilonova emission from a black-hole neutron-star merger"
    Kawaguchi, K., Domoto, N., Fujibayashi, S., Hayashi, K., Hamidani, H., Shibata, M., Tanaka, M., Wanajo, S.
    submitted to Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society arXiv

  2. "Theoretical investigation of energy levels and transitions for Ce III with applications to kilonova specta"
    Gaigalas, G., Rynkun, P., Domoto, N., Tanaka, M., Kato, D., Kitovienė, L.
    2024, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 530, 5220-5227 ADS

  3. "Measurement of Transition Probability of La II using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)"
    Kodangil, S., Domoto, N., Tanaka, M., Kato, D., Gaigalas, G., Tanuma, H., Nakamura, N.
    2024, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 322, 109011 ADS

  4. "Heavy element nucleosynthesis associated with a gamma-ray burst"
    Gillanders, J. H., Troja, E., Fryer, C. L., Ristic, M., O'Connor, B., Fontes, C. J., Yang, Y.-H., Domoto, N., Rahmouni, S., Tanaka, M., Fox, O. D., Dichiara, S.
    2023, submitted to Nature arXiv

  5. "Kilonovae of binary neutron star mergers leading to short-lived remnant neutron star formation"
    Kawaguchi, K., Fujibayashi, S., Domoto, N., Kiuchi, K., Shibata, M., Wanajo, S.
    2023, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 525, 3384-3398 ADS

  6. "Cerium Features in Kilonova Near-infrared Spectra: Implication from a Chemically Peculiar Star"
    Tanaka, M., Domoto, N., Aoki, W., Ishigaki, M. N., Wanajo, S., Hotokezaka, K., Kawaguchi, K., Kato, D., Lee, J.-J., Lee, H.-G., Hirano, T., Kotani, T., Kuzuhara, M., Nishikawa, J., Omiya, M., Tamura, M., Ueda, A.
    2023, The Astrophysical Journal, 953, 17 (11pp) ADS

  7. "Non-LTE analysis for Helium and Strontium lines in the kilonova AT2017gfo"
    Tarumi, Y., Hotokezaka, K., Domoto, N., Tanaka, M.
    2023, submitted to ApJ arXiv

  8. "Opacity of the Highly Ionized Lanthanides and the Effect on the Early Kilonova"
    Banerjee, S., Tanaka, M., Kato, D., Gaigalas, G., Kawaguchi, K., Domoto, N.
    2022, The Astrophysical Journal, 934, 117 (13pp) ADS


  1. 「中性子星合体の可視赤外スペクトルで探る重元素合成の痕跡」
    天文月報, 117巻, 17-24 (2024年1月号) PDF

  2. 「重元素の起源に迫る ー中性子星の合体とレアアースの痕跡」
    岩波書店『科学』2023年7月号 (Vol.93, No.7), 633-637

  3. 「中性子星合体からの光に刻まれた重元素合成の痕跡」
    国立天文台ニュース No. 339, 2023年冬春号, 10-11 PDF

  4. 「中性子星合体による重元素合成の痕跡を探る」
    Gravitational wave physics and astronomy: Genesis
    Web または News Letter Vol.5 (2022/03)